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Animal eating my garden

Q: What could it be?

A: With so much development depleting natural habitat it is common for animals such as groundhogs and rabbits to utilize people’s flower and vegetable gardens as a food source.

Q: How can I discourage these animals?

A: This can be very frustrating as you no doubt have spent a lot in both time and money on your garden. Here are some non-toxic ways you can minimize your garden's appeal. These are most effective when you use as many as possible and overwhelm the animal with bad tastes and smells. Start early in the season and be consistent for at least two weeks (don't forget to refresh after heavy watering or rain!).

  • bloodmeal fertilizer (on topsoil)
  • dog hair (in nylon stocking on sticks around garden)
  • garlic and onion powder (sprinkle around plants)
  • talcum powder (mix with water and spray on plants) citrus (lemon juice or slices placed around plants)
  • plastic garden mesh (place over shrubs, especially over new growth)

STOP - DO NOT TRAP AND RELOCATE THE ANIMAL - Click here to find out why

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